The Lord always gets me through

The Lord will keep you from evil. He will watch over your soul and watch over your coming and going, both now and forever. – Psalm 121:7-8

Do we ever have to face wrongdoing, difficulties or harm? Do we ever have to face evil? Of course. In fact, all of these things confront us every day.

God doesn’t make our life easy and perfect. He doesn’t keep evil away from us, or eliminate every hard thing or painful situation. We live in a fallen world with sinful people, even as we ourselves are sinful. Sometimes we even bring hard circumstances upon ourselves with our own wrongdoings or bad choices. God doesn’t keep these things away from us, but He promises to keep us through these things.

God isn’t just watching, He is watching over us. He protects us in our comings and goings, our day to day living. But more than that, He protects our soul. He keeps us as one of His children. No matter what may happen to us, calamities or sickness or any evil thing, our eternal life with Him is protected. He helps us through everything that may happen to us now, and always. The Lord covers us, guards us, keeps us safe. He always gets us through.

What are your thoughts?

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