My home is in heaven

But our citizenship is in heaven, and we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ – Philippians 3:20

Have you ever heard someone brag about where they are from? Their neighborhood or town is the best, or “where I am from we do things so much better than this.” Guess what, we can top that.

We are citizens of God’s kingdom, even though for the moment we live in another place. We may be discouraged by things around us, but our home is in heaven. We may disagree with decisions made by those in authority, but our home is in heaven. The attitudes of society may upset us, but our home is in heaven. No matter where we are on this earth, we live in a fallen world, a fallen country, a fallen society.

Whatever term you want to use — pilgrims, visitors, ambassadors — we are only passing through this world on our way to our true home. Our future is one of eternal joy and living in the loving presence of God. We are waiting for Jesus, the king of Heaven, to come back.

We should want to share this expectation with others, to brag about our “neighborhood.” Are the attitudes of those around you upsetting? Then tell them about your home in heaven. Do your leaders dishonor God? Then tell them about your home in heaven. Is the world filling you with discouragement? Then shout about your home in heaven.

We are residents of God’s country. What an amazing citizenship we have. Let everyone know they can live there too. Our home is in heaven.

What are your thoughts?

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