Always rejoice, constantly pray

always rejoice constantly pray lettering

Rejoice always, pray continually – 1 Thessalonians 5:16-17

Always rejoice, God loves you. Constantly pray, to thank Him.

Always rejoice, and trust God. Constantly pray, to renew your faith.
Always rejoice, you are forgiven. Constantly pray, to acknowledge His grace.
Always rejoice, the future is sure. Constantly pray, looking forward to His presence.
Always rejoice, the present is taken care of. Constantly pray, and give praise for each day.
Always rejoice, God provides all your needs. Constantly pray, and ask for all your desires.
Always rejoice, every moment you are protected. Constantly pray, and stay close to your Father.
Always rejoice, your every prayer is heard and answered. Constantly pray, and you will always rejoice.


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