Be patient. Be faithful. Be joyful!

be patient be faithful be joyful lettering

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. – Romans 12:12

What is our hope…? We are forgiven, brought into God’s family, taken care of, and we will be with our loving Father forever.

What is our affliction? Are we sick or in need? Are we persecuted or facing difficult times? Are we scared or overcome by worries? We can be patient through these things because of this same hope. God will take care of us. He loves us and we will always be with Him, regardless of how things are at the moment.

Knowing this inspires our prayers. God loves us and loves for us to be near Him. We acknowledge He is always with us by having an ongoing conversation, openly talking to Him. We can ask Him things, tell Him our concerns, thank Him, give our love to Him. When we continually and persistently pray and acknowledge His presence, we show our faithfulness. We stay close to Him and close to the love and hope He brings.

Be patient. Be faithful. Be joyful!

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