Be patient

Art for Be patient

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. – Ephesians 4:2

What if we started each day with a quick reflection about how much God loves us? When we were lost and helpless He saved us. He brings forgiveness and blessings to us. We are created by Him and reliant on Him for our every breath, and He even gives us so much more. These thoughts will bring us to a true sense of humility.

What if we considered and remembered his constant care for us? He answers prayers and provides all our needs. Every moment we experience His goodness. Even if we do wrong He is faithful and tenderly brings us back to Him. These thoughts will bring us to a true sense of gentleness.

How does gentleness and humility shape our relationship with others? When we realize our own complete dependence on God, we see others in the same way. We are neither better nor worse than anyone else, but all equal in our need for God’s grace. Jesus reached out to everyone without distinction, and His love is offered in the same way. God’s care for us will translate into our caring for each other, and God’s love for us will turn our selfish hearts into affectionate hearts. When we view ourselves in humility and aim to be as gentle as Jesus in all we do, being patient will become natural. So… be patient!

What are your thoughts?