Chase after what’s right

chase after whats right lettering

Whoever pursues righteousness and mercy finds righteousness, life and honor. – Proverbs 21:21

A wonderful promise encouraging us to be faithful. If we seek what is good, we will find what is good, and even more.

Righteousness is a big word! It can mean truthfulness or justice, fairness or correctness. It is a way of describing God’s character, as perfect and holy. By ourselves we cannot attain this, because we are fallen and have lost the connection to who God made us to be.

Jesus gives us a way to restore that relationship. His death and resurrection provides a free gift of forgiveness that we accept through simply believing in Him. We can never run after righteousness and expect to gain it by ourselves. We rely on God’s love and grace to save us.

We become new. As His children we desire to live in a way that shows this. He has forgiven us and we now want to please Him. This is when God’s promise comes in. If we pursue righteousness we will find it, because He gives us the power to once again be righteous. More than that, we will find life and honor as well. Chase what’s right!

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