Does it please the Lord?

Does it please the Lord?

Now it pleased the Lord that Solomon had made this request. – 1 Kings 3:10

What do we do or say that pleases the Lord?

One of the beautiful things about finding forgiveness through trusting Jesus is that we come into a restored relationship with our heavenly Father. We are children, part of His family. We begin to stop worrying about God being angry or distant from us. We start to understand that God is deeply in love with us, but we had been separated from Him by our sinfulness. His grace has brought us back. We are reborn, and welcomed into the place we were meant to be.

He knows everything about us and knows our faults, yet through His grace He has embraced us and we are His children. We are moved from being helpless and unable to please Him because of our sin, into a loving place of acceptance.

Our Father does not sneak around trying to trip us up. He does not lay traps for us and wait for us to fall. Rather, He actually takes delight in us and the things we do! We please Him when we talk with Him, when we obey Him by caring for others, when we are unselfish in the things we desire and ask. We can joyfully ask of all we do or say, “does it please the Lord?” We please Him most by loving Him!

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