Encourage each other!

encourage each other lettering

Therefore encourage one another with these words – 1 Thessalonians 4:18

When was the last time you encouraged someone, where you inspired them or built them up?

We are all created by God to glorify Him and live as part of His family. All of us are important. We each have different gifts and abilities. We may be blessed with things we can share with others. We might have the task to raise a family or perform a particular job. There are things that only we can do, because each of us is an individual. God is so imaginative and creative he has formed every single one of us as a unique person.

It might be cliche to say ‘God has made you special,’ because we often hear that as a general and even half-hearted remark. But the fact is that we are special to God. So special that He was willing to die for us, to love and forgive us, and to promise us eternal life with Him. Even if you have heard it a million times, hear it now in the way God wants you to hear: “I have created you to be my child, and no matter what I love you.”

No matter where you have failed, or even succeeded. No matter what you have done wrong, or even great things you might think you have accomplished. No matter what, God loves you. You are exceptional and extraordinary. There is no one like you, and no one who can do exactly the things you can do. You have an unimaginable future ahead of you, because the Maker of the universe made you and loves you.

Encourage each other!!

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