Err on the side of love

err on the side of love lettering

And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight – Philippians 1:9

Do you want to always make the right decisions?

Love is the defining attribute of God’s character and the way He relates to His creation. His love for us is so great He sent His son Jesus to us. Love is the thing that He says sets us apart, it is the starting point for everything else we do as we seek to follow Him.

God wants our love to be overflowing, and to keep getting even bigger. As it does we become more like Him and our knowledge grows because we understand more about who He is and His love for us. We also gain more understanding of how to love those around us. Love leads us to knowing what God desires of us, and what the people around us need.

Sometimes we are not sure of exactly what path we should take to follow Jesus, or what things we need to do to help others. Or perhaps there is a difficult choice to be made and the right way is not clear. Follow the way that is most loving of others and of God. Err on the side of love, and you will always make the right decision.

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