Faith — Love

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In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. – John 1:1

Jesus is the Word. He is all ideas, imaginations and ways of describing everything. He is all that can be thought up, and all that can be found out. He is everything.

God reveals who He is to us in the simplest possible ways, but sometimes it is still difficult. It is hard for us to comprehend “in the beginning,” what it means to exist before even time existed. We struggle with who God is, why He shows Himself to us as three persons in one God. We grapple with understanding how Jesus could be both God and human. But God is God, and if we could explain and take in everything about Him it would mean He is not any greater than our own thoughts.

Jesus came in order to make at least one part of God completely clear to us—His love. It is no coincidence that love is the thing we most desire, the thing that touches us most deeply in our hearts and emotions. It is what poets and artists yearn to express, what causes sighs instead of words, and what pushes everything else out of our minds. We know what it is even when we can’t explain it. This is where God comes and touches us.

We have to accept many things about God on faith, and trust in the things He has told us about Himself. But what we experience and know in our own hearts is His love for us. He brings it to us through Jesus, He shows it to us in His forgiveness and care for us, He ignites our own passions with it. God’s love is His way of explaining Himself to us.

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