Get up and dance (it’s in the Bible)

get up and dance its in the bible lettering

And David, wearing a linen ephod, danced with all his might before the LORD – 2 Samuel 6:14

What are the things in your life that make you jump for joy?

As followers of Jesus, we have His promise of joy in our lives. We have peace when things are tough, and are assured He will provide and take care of us through everything. We know that our future is in heaven with Him, and each day we carry the confidence of being loved by Him.

All around us people confuse amusement for joy, and self-gratification becomes their sense of happiness. They see on Instagram what a “fulfilled” and “satisfied” life should be, and envy or strive for those things themselves. Every ad tells them they will be happier if only they use this or that product.

But joy is not about what you have or the places you go or the food you eat. Certainly, all those things can be blessings. But joy rests in the simple knowledge that God loves you, and we are invited to live in His presence every moment of every day.

David’s reason for dancing was the return of the Ark of the Covenant, which symbolized the presence of the Lord. He was overwhelmed with the realization of the Lord’s presence, and he literally jumped for joy. We may not always be dancing and leaping, but we always have the joy and peace promised to us through the Holy Spirit. We are content in any circumstance, because we know what our ultimate future will be. We have joy in any situation, because we know the God of all creation loves us.

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