God is powerful. Believe it!

god is powerful believe it lettering

Then Jesus said, “Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?” – John 11:40

God’s majesty and glory — who doesn’t want to see that at work?

Faith is powerful, because God is powerful. In fact, God is so powerful He has chosen to make Himself known to us only through faith. He could have put His name in the sky every morning and His audible voice in the air at every sunset. Instead He created those things with a beauty and pattern that points to Him but doesn’t provide “proof.” He could have engraved His initials or a passage from scripture on our DNA. Instead He made something so complex and imaginative it shows the hand of a designer, but doesn’t “prove” who He is.

He could have shown up as the all-powerful and overwhelming creator and subdued the world and required our attention and worship. Instead He comes as Jesus and shows both His love and authority by doing miracles, healing diseases and conquering sin and death. Yet again He does so in a way that requires faith, and not “proof.”

God is so present in His creation that he had to go out of His way to provide us with an incredible gift, the gift of freedom. He knows that our ability to come to Him willingly is the only way we could experience true love. Seeing God as the all-powerful creator of everything is a wondrous thing, but without experiencing His love first we would relate to Him only out of fear or compulsion.

He desires that we come to Him in loving trust as our heavenly Father. Not only is this genuine worship, it also allows us to learn how to love and to be His children. God could easily “force” His greatness upon us, but because He loves us He has chosen to teach us about faith instead. We believe, and then we see God’s glory.

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