God loves to answer our prayers

God loves to answer our prayers

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know. – Jeremiah 33:3

How would you like to have your prayers answered, and answered in ways greater than you could even imagine?

God says to simply call on him. We might shout in desperation, cry out in fear, quietly ask for His grace, or talk in our normal voice. He loves us to communicate with Him, because He loves us. We always know He is listening, and listening with an attentive and caring ear. God hears, and He does so because He has chosen to always be listening.

God says He will answer us. We do not speak out into silence, or expect only silence in return. When we call out to Him, He lets us know He has heard us. He never hides or tries to avoid us. He does not make us call to Him over and over. He hears immediately and lets us know He is listening. A specific answer may take patience on our part, but God will always let us know our prayers have been heard.

God says He will respond in ways we could never even dream of. He says He will tell us great things, things that are unknowable except through Him. It might be a miraculous answer to something we have asked for, it might be amazing understanding of how He is working, it might be indescribable joy that comes from knowing He cares for us and listens.

God delights in giving us what we don’t deserve, because He is our loving Father. He enjoys talking to us and telling us incredible things because He has such great affection for us. He takes pleasure in surprising us with answers we would never have expected, because He is the creator of the universe. It starts with our small voice calling out to him!

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