God’s word is awesome

gods word is awesome lettering

…for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true. – Acts 17:11

God has given His word to every one of us. We don’t have to go to some special place or listen to some special person to understand the Bible. It is not only for theologians or pastors or priests, but for all of us!

Like those people in the verse, we should be eager to receive God’s word. Everything in there is what He wanted in there, and there is nothing extra God didn’t want. Some people act as if God is trying to trick us or keep things from us. But the Bible is not a puzzle and you don’t need a secret decoder ring to figure it out.

God spoke through really ordinary people and used really ordinary language to give us His message. He also says it is breathed by Him, and the Holy Spirit makes it powerful and alive to us.

Are you not sure whether you should do something? See what God’s word has to say.

Do you have questions about following Jesus? See what God’s word has to say.

Are you confused about some book you’ve read or preacher you’ve heard? See what God’s word has to say.

Yes, it is a big book and it has difficult stories, and strange lists and genealogies. But everything in there is for a purpose. Perhaps those parts are not what you need at the moment. God knows that. Again, He is not trying to hide anything from you. Read, and see what His word has to say. God will speak to you! God’s word is awesome!

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