Guarded by angels


For he will order his angels to protect you in all you do. – Psalm 91:11

When we think about the spiritual world, what comes to mind? It is difficult to imagine what we cannot see. Yet we are ourselves have a spirit and soul we cannot see, and our hope is in things that cannot be seen.

When we follow Jesus, each day we are making a commitment to touch upon things we cannot see, things that are spiritual. We are guided by the Holy Spirit, whom we cannot see. We pray to our Father, whom we cannot see. We are saved by the work of Jesus, whom we cannot see. That is why it is called ‘faith”! We live in both a physical world, and in this spiritual world that we see only through our faith.

This could seem frightening to us, to be surrounded by things which we cannot see. But this is God’s realm, the one that He is preparing us to live in forever with Him. Although there is evil that lives in this spiritual world for the time being, there are also angels. It is a mystery, but these angelic beings can interact with our physical world. God uses them as messengers and they serve Him both in heaven and on earth. We are promised here that they will even protect us. God tells them to watch over us. I am not sure what all that means, but it does show that God’s love extends to us in ways that push our imagination.

We are guarded in the spiritual realm, and in the physical world as well. Angels brought God’s message to Mary and Joseph, and to the shepherds. They ministered to Jesus at various times. They visited Abraham and Jacob. And they are present in our lives, following the command of God to protect us. We are guarded by angels!

What are your thoughts?