Hey devil, game over

hey devil, game over

Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. – Ephesians 6:11

The devil will try to trick you, deceive you and accuse you both to yourself and others. He will lie about you and lie to you, and come up with all kinds of clever schemes to manipulate and control you. How can you stay safe from this?

We have to understand that the devil is the very smart and powerful enemy of God. He is not a comic character or someone to make fun of. The devil desires to destroy and overthrow the kingdom of God, and we are the battlefield. He knows that God is love, and therefore is determined to take all of us and all of creation as far from that as possible. He wants to degrade, redefine and replace love. He does this by filling creation with sin and selfishness and fear.

But God showed His love for us through Jesus. That love overcame our sin. Forgiveness destroyed the power that the devil held over us. When Jesus rose from the grave, He defeated the one thing the devil could hold over us, death. God is victorious, and as His children so are we. But the devil is fighting until the end, not giving up. Although the Kingdom of God has beaten him, he is still roaming around trying to do harm until the world and time is replaced by heaven.

God has provided us with the protection we need: truth, righteousness, faith, salvation. This is our armor. And we are confident in God’s word for it takes but one breath of the Spirit to send the devil on his way.

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