Hopefully devoted to prayer

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. – Colossians 4:2

Some quick thoughts on prayer from our verse today:

Keep praying and be persistent. Give it your constant attention, just as you would someone you love dearly, someone you are “devoted” to! God is always with us, so we can continually be taking with Him. Let Him know what you are thinking, what you are wishing, what you are concerned about.

Be alive and active in your prayers. We don’t thoughtlessly say the same things over and over to someone we love, we are fascinated and occupied by who they are. Our conversation is lively and cherished. We want to talk to them about everything, from what seems insignificant to our deepest desires. Speaking to the Creator of all things should certainly keep us alert!

For God’s presence and listening ear we can be thankful. Instead of focussing on asking for things in our prayers, let’s try thanking God for what He is going to do. Through faith, we know He hears and is going to answer — gratefulness can be part of our request.

Let us be alive and overwhelmed by thankfulness as we never stop talking with our Father. Devoted, and full of hope, in prayer.

What are your thoughts?