Humility brings wisdom

humility brings wisdom lettering

When pride comes, shame follows, but with humility comes wisdom. – Proverbs 11:2

Can we form a galaxy? Can we invent a quark? Can we speak a new color into existence? Can our imagination come up with every life form in the universe? God did. What can we do compared to that!?

Humble yet? God never tries to embarrass us, because He loves us. But we humiliate ourselves every time we think of ourselves more highly than we should. Yet consider how God sees us. We are His loved children, so valuable to Him that he was willing to die for us. He forgives us, lifts us to His presence, and has a wonderful eternity ready for us. Those are amazing things.

But we don’t deserve any of that. That is where humility should overwhelm us.

God gives us all things, He loves us for no reason other than He has chosen to love us. All of our needs being met and the grace we experience is because of His love. We don’t earn it, and certainly can never do enough to make up for it. But that is how love operates. God gives us all good things both now and forever.

Recognizing this is true humility. We don’t have to crawl or denigrate ourselves. We don’t have to put ourselves down. In fact, God says that kind of shame comes from when we follow our pride. He doesn’t want us ashamed, he wants us to be humble — the humility that comes from accepting His love, and turning our hearts, minds and souls towards loving Him in return. We are not demeaned, but humbled by being so beautifully loved. This is a joyful (and wise) humility!

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