I care for you

I care for you

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. – I Peter 5:7

When is it we most want someone to just take care of us? However, think about this for a bit—when is it we most want to care for someone else? Isn’t it when we love them, when our hearts our filled with compassion?

When we love someone we want to do things for them, we try to anticipate their needs and to care for their concerns and worries. The same is true for God, only more wonderfully so because of His great love.

He is anticipating, wanting and waiting to care for us. Part of this is realizing that we need Him. It is letting go of our pride and attempts at self-sufficiency. We learn this during difficult times and situations, when we can’t control things and need help. In fact, God uses these kinds of circumstances to drive us away from our selfishness and towards His grace and power.

But God wants for us to come to Him at all times, not only the hard times. He proves His love for us when things are tough, but His desire is to share His love and care for us day to day. Even the days when we seemingly could handle all the average things on our own, He still wants to be with us because of His love.

His care each moment not only takes away our worries, but replaces them with the joy of His presence. We know He can handle any situation!

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