I will abide… in Jesus

I will abide in Jesus

Whoever claims to abide in God must walk as Jesus walked. – 1 John 2:6

What does it mean to “walk as Jesus walked,” and be like Him? How can we ever live up to that?

It is important to understand that we cannot be perfect. We can never be good enough or undo our wrongs. We know that, but more importantly God knows that. We cannot earn our way into God’s kingdom. Jesus came to give His life so that our sins would be forgiven and we could become children of God. All we have to do is believe in Him.

Once we are His children, our hearts turn away from wanting to do wrong. Our desires are to please our heavenly Father. Even though we still stumble into sins and selfishness, we are forgiven and brand new in God’s eyes.

This is where we look to Jesus as our example. The way He lived is the pattern for our own behavior, and His teachings are what we follow. We walk as He walked, or more accurately we try to keep His example through the guidance and help of the Holy Spirit. We still are not perfect. But again God knows that, and lovingly leads us. Walk like Jesus walked!

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