I will comfort you


Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me your rod and your staff, they comfort me. – Psalm 23:4

What do you think of when you think of the word comfort? A cozy chair where we feel safe and secure? A warm, uninterrupted bath? A feathery comforter (after all, it’s called a comforter!)? Or perhaps you thought of tender words or gentle hands in time of need that make you feel like all of these things.

God is fond of us. He likes to walk with us and talk with us. The God of all things has affection for each one of us, and gets enjoyment spending time with us. He is caring, and because of coming to us as a person named Jesus, He is empathetic to all of who we are. Like the chair and the other things mentioned above, He wraps us up in Him. We feel safe. We feel warm. We feel his tenderness. We are comforted. We don’t quite understand this kind of love, this kind of gentleness. Yes, God is powerful and even describes Himself sometimes as “an angry God.” He hates injustice and unrighteousness. But Jesus died and rose from death to takes us away from being judged, so that we are forgiven and nothing in us keeps us from God’s love.

How beautiful is this kind of love, that God Himself would tear down all the obstacles so that He could love us fully and we can now return that love to Him. He really does enjoy spending time with us, and the greatest comfort is knowing He is always with us.

What are your thoughts?