I will give you rest


Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. – Matthew 11:28

Are you fatigued? Are you weary? Are you worn out from working so hard? Do you feel like things are just piled on you? Jesus is calling out, “come to me, come on over here, follow me, come on.”

There are many things that tire us out. We may feel worn out by trying to cope with life, or trying to make ends meet. We are drained by the demands around us and the responsibilities we have. But Jesus was looking at a bigger picture, and an even more exhausting part of our life.

We may not even be aware of it, but we are weary and burdened by living without God’s presence. He created us to live our lives in love with Him and enjoying His companionship. The reason things seems tiring is that we are not living each day in that relationship. How disheartening and discouraging to live apart from the one who loves us, and who we are meant to love in return.

Jesus has a simple solution. “Come on, be with me,” He calls out to us. Jesus provides the way to put that relationship where it should be. Believe in Him, follow Him. The things that weigh you down will fall away, the things that weaken you will become easy, whatever overwhelms you with anxiety you will be able to deal with. Jesus renews us and refreshes us because He changes our whole life. From all the things that were consuming us, He gives us rest.

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