Jesus speaks. I listen.

jesus speaks i listen lettering

…faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ. – Romans 10:17

No one can believe something if they have never even heard about it.

In order to have faith, Jesus Christ has to speak to you. But guess what? He has! Even if you have never heard of Him before, you are hearing about Him right now. The word of Christ is His message of hope, love and salvation. The message is that God came to the earth as a man, Jesus Christ, and died to rescue you from guilt and sin. He rose from the dead to prove He was God, and to prove that you were now released from fear and death, which is the power that sin held over you.

That is the simple message of salvation, the simple word that Jesus Christ brings to us and the “something” that He wants us to believe. Our faith is in Him. All we have to do is listen to his message and believe.


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