Just keep going

just keep going lettering

Nevertheless, we must live up to what we have already attained – Philippians 3:16

What things have you attained?

As a follower of Jesus what is it you already have and already know? At the very least you know that Jesus has died for you. You believe in Him, and His death and resurrection has brought you forgiveness and eternal life. Are you living up to that?

It is easy for us to complicate what God gives us. We hear sermons and read books and watch youtube and listen to praise music. If we want, we can surround ourselves with everything about Jesus. But are we living in the simplicity of knowing He loves us and has saved us?

God wants us to act upon what we already have learned. Do you know Jesus loves you? Then act like it. Do you know Jesus wants you to show His love to others? Then act like it. Do you know that your Father in heaven is all powerful? Then act like it.

Do you want to know Jesus better? Then just keep going. Act on the things you already know about Him, that He has already shown you. You will draw closer to Him, and He will show you even more.

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