Just passing through

just passing through lettering

Beloved, I urge you, as temporary residents, to abstain from the desires of the flesh, which war against your soul. – 1 Peter 2:11

The things of this world should not make us feel at home. We are citizens of God’s country.

We feel comfortable living here because it is what we are born into. But even the good things around us can take our attention from the Lord. The world is full of distractions which take our eyes away from God.

We may find ourselves drawn by the the love of family, the beauty of nature, or many other things which are not wrong in themselves. Yet this world is not our home, it is temporary. We might be living here, but we are only passing through on our way to God’s country, our eternal home. We have to guard against anything that may turn our focus from Jesus, and not let even the good things that God has created distract us.

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