Let God surprise you

let god surprise you lettering

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord. – Isaiah 55:8

God does things we never would have anticipated. But this shouldn’t surprise us. No matter how we try, we cannot really grasp His power nor understand His limitless creativity.

The disciples are out in a boat, a storm comes up and they are fighting against the wind and waves. They look up, and Jesus is walking out to them on the water. Walking on the water!

Jesus is at a wedding and His mother comes to him and says they have run out of wine. So He transforms water into wine. And not just a little, but gallons and gallons of it.

Jesus is speaking to a crowd and the disciples are concerned that all of those people have gone all day without eating. Jesus tells them to go ahead and feed them, to which they reply they have but a few fishes and a couple loves of bread. The next thing they know everyone is eating and there is food left over.

Jesus comes and dies and rises from the dead, and that is how the entire plan of saving us and redeeming all of creation is accomplished.

Expect God to work in amazing ways you would never have thought of — let God surprise you!

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