Let the passion continue

let the passion continue lettering

So let your heart be fully devoted to the LORD our God, as it is this day, to walk in His statutes and to keep His commandments. – 1 Kings 8:61

Take a moment to look back on some of the good things the Lord has done for you.

Taking care of a particular need. Answering a desperate prayer. Blessing you during a difficult time. Can you recollect the first time you experienced His love and forgiveness, when you first understood His words and the power of His resurrection?

There was a point when we came to Jesus and believed. We may have experienced joy, or relief, or a sense of freedom. Each of us had our own response and experience of His love. But we all share that moment of acceptance—the devotion brought about by God’s love for us, and the sincere passion of that first instant of faith.

God want us to remember, and continue to live in that instant. Not stuck in time and standing still, but delighting in the commitment we made and rejoicing in His grace. That joy, relief, or sense of freedom we experienced. Let us continue to be fully devoted to Him, filled with that first passion! We can hold that dear in our hearts, and continue to be overwhelmed by the love of Jesus.


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