Let’s do something good

lets do something good

All Scripture is “God-breathed” and is useful for teaching, convincing, restoring and training in righteousness, so that the person of God may be ready and fully equipped for every good work. – 2 Timothy 3:16-17

How do you get prepared to do good works? What is it that makes you able to accomplish them? Scripture! The Word of God.

Scripture originates from God, and is inspired by Him. The word inspired translates a word that literally means “God breathed.” God has breathed the scriptures. Like the air around us we feel it more than see it, and yet it provides us with something we need to live. Like the wind it moves around us, sometimes gently and sometimes with great force.

Filled with the breath of God, scripture teaches and convinces us, restores and trains us in righteousness. Righteousness simply means that we are accepted by God. We are His children, made “right” to him. His word shows us we are forgiven, but also shows us how to take the love that God has given us and translate it into doing good.

The wrongs and failures in our life are no more, forgiven through Jesus and gone. We are now able to do the good things God intended for us, and through scripture He makes us ready to do them. So… read His word… and let’s do something good!

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