Live by faith

live by faith lettering

For we live by faith, not by sight. – 2 Corinthians 5:7

What is something that you see every day?

We see the world around us, of course. There is loveliness, and there is also the ugly results of sin. There is wonder, but there are also temptations. There is life, but always with death overshadowing.

The beautiful things we see are all expressions of God’s creativity, yet the world is fallen. Evil distorts life and nature, and blurs our view of the God who made it all. We are surrounded by hurt and hatefulness as people try to obtain that beauty in their own ways. They pursue comfort, chase after wealth, and follow their own desires. They live by what they can see.

Faith comes into the picture. Faith shows us the world is a beautiful place, but this amazing creation of God is in need of repair. Faith shows us this world is not all there is — the most wonderful things we see here are only pointing to an incredible heaven and earth of the future.

Faith shows us that the things that matter most are not visible to us right now. We cannot see God, but we believe. We cannot see His love, but we accept it. We cannot see the future, but we know that He directs it. Faith shows us that trying to obtain the beauty of this world by ourselves is meaningless, because we have already obtained a beauty through Jesus that is beyond words. (And beyond sight!)

The most remarkable thing, faith shows us that someday we actually will see all these things. The end result of faith is that in the future we will not need faith. What is now invisible will become visible and real. But for a little while still, we live by faith!

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