Love brings wisdom


love brings wisdom lettering

For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding. – Proverbs 2:6

Of all the things we could know, what is the most important?

Is it history, the names and dates of the past? Is it the number of planets and stars in the universe? Is it the mathematical formulas for the interaction of atoms and particles? Is it the chemical processes behind how our bodies work? Is it deep philosophical thoughts?

Or is it what our loved ones desire? Is is having insight into our neighbors needs? Is it understanding how our words might touch someone else?

What is important? Wisdom is the ability to know what is truly meaningful. It starts with acknowledging that understanding comes from the Lord. This is as simple as it gets: if you want to learn about about something, then listen to the one who made it! God knows the intricacies, complexities and nuances of all of creation. How it works, how it is formed, how all the parts relate.

But more than that, He knows the why as well. He knows the purpose, because He made all of it with a plan in mind. He may not have told us all of His plans, but He has told us that He loves us. He sent Jesus to die for our sins and He raised Him from the dead to show we were forgiven and free. He has given us knowledge by revealing this love. That is the most important thing to know.

When we understand that, when we accept His love and believe in Him, He gives wisdom. We begin to grasp the things that are truly important. Skills and expertise are good things. Education and the ability to learn are blessings. But real wisdom comes from knowing the maker of skills and expertise and education. Real wisdom comes from listening to the one who imagined and then created all there is. Real wisdom comes from accepting the love of our Father. Love brings wisdom.

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