Love covers…

Love covers

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. – 1 Peter 4:8

Why do we judge someone because they sin differently than we do?

Each of us are neither better, not worse than each other in God’s eyes. We like to think a few sins are “more bad” than others. It is true that the consequences of some wrongs might be more serious or hurtful to those around us, but ultimately God sees all sin as simply that, sin. Jesus said that harboring anger in your heart was just as bad as murder, and having a lustful thought was just as sinful as committing adultery. He was helping us understand that sin is sin, and what we might think of as the smallest wrongdoing is just as offensive to God as the most horrible deeds we can imagine. To God, all sins are equal, and we are all equally in need of forgiveness and grace.

Recognizing this should help us to love each other more deeply, because it magnifies our Father’s love for us. He truly does cover our sins. In fact, He forgives us and takes them away. Our love for each other should be deep and genuine, because we are loved so intensely and passionately by our Father. The joy and thankfulness we have for receiving forgiveness should spill over to those around us. We can be thankful for the grace given to them as well. Love is powerful. Love covers!

What are your thoughts?