My homeland is heaven

my homeland is heaven lettering

Therefore you are no longer strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens of the saints and members of God’s household – Ephesians 2:19

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt really out of place?

You might have nothing in common with anyone else there. You might have been wearing the wrong clothes or been over-dressed. You might have been surrounded by things that made you uncomfortable. Everyone there might have spoken another language. You felt like a stranger to everyone and didn’t fit in.

Imagine how you might feel if suddenly you were transported to the presence of God. The maker of all things stares at you intently. The all-powerful creator asks you how you are doing. Angels and the inhabitants of heaven turn their heads to look at you. This might seem frightening and overwhelming, and you would at the very least feel very awkward.

But God says we are not strangers to Him. There is no reason to feel out of place in His presence. We are His children, members of His family and part of His household. We are citizens of heaven, along with everyone who have put their trust in Jesus. Someday we will all live in “God’s country” and in the wonderful company and love of our Lord. Our home is heaven!

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