Lion tamer

Look out! A dangerous beast that can destroy you is lurking, stalking for prey. We think of the devil as someone who tempts us, who whispers in our ear or puts things in front of us to seduce us to sin. But he often does something much worse—he accuses us.

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In God’s Image

What does it mean to be made in God’s image? How are we like Him? This is complex, mysterious and hard to think about, but in this passage God is specifically referring to our supremacy over the rest of creation. He says we are to rule over all the animals of the earth, we are created to be unique above all that He has made.

My home is safe

God changes our perspective on everything. The hurt that is all around us is temporary, tragedies and sickness are only momentary. Even when we face troubles, He promises that all things work for our good and His glory.

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