Perfect peace

Perfect peace

You will keep in perfect peace those whose thoughts are fixed on you, because they trust in you. – Isaiah 26:3

How would you like to have a double portion of peace?

I don’t usually do the in-the-original-language thing, but there is something I find so amazing in this verse. The phrase “perfect peace” is a translation of the the Hebrew word ‘shalom’ repeated twice in the original. Literally its says: “You will keep in peace peace….” That’s peace two times over!

One of the things the Lord gives us as we trust in Him is freedom from worries. We don’t have apprehensions when we are confident in Him. He is the maker of all things, He can take care of (and has actually already taken care of) any circumstance, need or troubles that we may face.

How do we get this kind of faith? By fixing our thoughts on the Lord. We focus on His goodness and the love we have experienced. This is often hard, for our minds (and hearts) wander to other things. We become focussed on our problems, perhaps running them through our minds over and over. The Lord wants us to start replacing this pattern of thinking. When worries come to us, let us develop the habit of going quickly to prayer instead. Again, this is not easy. We do this in small steps, but it starts by starting!

The Lord wants us to have peace at all times in every situation. Twice as much peace as we need. Double peace. Peace, peace. Perfect peace.

What are your thoughts?