Pure joy

Pure joy

You have filled my heart with more joy than when grain and new wine abound. – Psalm 4:7

What is the thing that fills you with joy?

In the time this verse was written, the greatest joy was a bountiful harvest which assured prosperity and plenty of food in the coming year. What is it for you? Is it your new technology, binging on Netflix, or your favorite team winning a game? Is it a promotion at work or an investment paying off? Is it family or friends?

None of these things can compare to the joy which God can give us. It is a blessing to have family and friends, yet God multiplies that happiness by bringing us into His own family. It is wonderful to be successful and experience financial abundance, but God’s promises to always meet our needs fills us with true wonder. We can enjoy our hobbies and the world around us, but perfect and lasting joy comes from our Father. His grace and love overflow into His promises to us. His joy fills our hearts!

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