Seek my kingdom first

Seek my kingdom first

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. – Matthew 6:33

What shall we eat? What shall we drink? What shall we wear? These are the questions Jesus is answering. He says not to worry, because our heavenly Father knows that we need them.

It is not that Jesus in’t concerned about them, but He wants us to get our priorities in line. Not just our priorities, but the way we approach each day. We can’t live a life of love and service to Him if our days are filled with worries and concerns for our physical needs.

He knows that. He knows we need to eat and need to drink and need to be clothed. “Seek God’s kingdom, seek God’s righteousness,” He says. In other words, live day to day in the way God has called us. Make that our first thought, and put our hearts on those things.

Then His promise — all of our needs will be taken care of. God loves us and knows all that we need! He is going to provide.


2 thoughts on “Seek my kingdom first

  1. I am still seeing that this battle that has already been won and all that is holding it from being fully delivered is ALL lies and deciet. It form an army(literally) against me and the purpose that You God Almighty has called me to accomplish. All through this You are still my only hope and You are all I have 👑 In the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ✡️ I pray 🔥💕🙏 Amen and Amen 🔥💕🙏

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