Stop complaining!

stop complaining lettering

Do everything without complaining or arguing – Philippians 2:14

Nobody likes a complainer. Or an “arguer” either.

We argue because of our pride. We want to be right, even if it is just some ridiculous thing. Or we can never look at someone else’s point of view or share their enthusiasm. Instead, we constantly bring up the negatives and seem to enjoy quarreling for its own sake.

As followers of Jesus we are commanded to love. Is it loving to argue? How about discussing something only after affirming Jesus’ love for the other person and trying to see both sides? Does someone else always want to argue with you? Then don’t. Pretty simple actually, you can’t be in an argument without arguing. Look to respond with gentleness and kindness instead.

Don’t be a complainer! It discourages those around us. No one is inspired when they hear complaining. Like arguing, it is usually the result of selfishness and pride. We think we are entitled to better, that whatever is happening is beneath us or we don’t deserve to be in such a bad situation.

When we feel this way, when a complaint starts entering our hearts, we can recall God’s goodness instead. We have received the amazing blessings of His forgiveness and salvation. The Creator of the universe both loves us and cares for our every need. He has promised us eternal life filled with joy, and the strength to handle every problem. What is there to complain about?

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