lion tamer poster

Lion tamer

Look out! A dangerous beast that can destroy you is lurking, stalking for prey. We think of the devil as someone who tempts us, who whispers in our ear or puts things in front of us to seduce us to sin. But he often does something much worse—he accuses us.

I care for you poster

I care for you

When is it we most want someone to just take care of us? However, think about this for a bit—when is it we most want to care for someone else? Isn’t it when we love them, when our hearts our filled with compassion?

Give me your worries

When we have worries we can go to a friend or spouse, a counsellor or pastor, and tell them and often feel better about the situation. God takes this up a notch. Not only will He listen to us, He asks us to cast those anxieties on Him. He will take them from us.