Keep your distance… from sin

The last few weeks have brought a new phrase to our vocabulary: “social distancing”. The bad things can’t travel more than a few feet, and if we keep far enough away from other people, we will stay safe.

So we take extra steps to walk around someone if we are out, or we don’t go out at all. This doesn’t mean we think other people are evil or dangerous, but they might inadvertently be carrying something that could do us harm. That is what we are trying to avoid.

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Do not extinguish the Spirit

There is a beautiful fire roaring in your fireplace. It keeps the room warm and even provides light. In fact. the closer you get the more obvious those two things are. It will blaze on for a while, eventually flicker and turn to glowing embers, and finally die out. And now the room is darker, and colder. What happened?

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