rest for your soul poster

Rest for your soul

Imagine the context of when Jesus said these things. Slavery and servitude were common. Most people lived in poverty, working hard to simply provide necessities. They had the burden of this daily labor, but also the burden of oppressive religious or social systems. In every part of their life, people were weighed down.

jesus is always with us poster

Jesus is always with us

Sometimes when we talk about a friend or relative who has passed away, we speak about them “still being with us.” We recall things they said or did and we remember times we had with them. Our memories contain feelings and emotions as well as reminiscence. They are with us in our thoughts, but also in our hearts because of the depth of our memories.

Let your light shine poster

Let your light shine

Do you want to know how to not bring honor to God? Don’t do any good deeds. Now you might be asking, “but doesn’t God love me, and save me through grace, not by my works?” That is exactly true! God forgives us and transforms us. Although this is for our blessing and benefit, it is also in order for us to magnify Him.