The new is here!

the new is here lettering

Therefore if anyone is in Christ, they are a new creation. The old has passed away. Behold, the new has come! – 2 Corinthians 5:17

What does it mean to be “in Christ?”

Does it mean we are united with Him? Does it mean we are seen as connected to Him? Does it mean we are covered and surrounded by Him? Yes, all of these, and more!

The verses right after this say we have been reconciled to God through Christ, that God no longer counts our sins against us. Reconcile means we are brought back to a relationship with God. Christ has paid for our sins through His death and resurrection, all our failures are forgiven and God no longer sees them. He now sees us “in Christ.”

But not only are we forgiven, we are given strength and protection. We are “in Christ” every moment and in every situation because He is always with us. We are also “in Christ” through the Holy Spirit, showing us the will and purposes of God.

We no longer see the people around us as we used to, but see them through the loving eyes of our heavenly Father. We no longer are fearful of circumstances that come upon us, but face them with the power of the Holy Spirit. We no longer live under the impulses and guilt of our sin, but are forgiven through faith in what Jesus Christ has done.

We are in Him, and this has made everything about us new!

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