The riches of God


And my God will supply your every need according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus. – Philippians 4:19

How much is God worth, what does He own? Everything. This answers whether He is able to meet our needs!

God’s riches are glorious. Yes, they are magnificent and majestic and show that He is the maker of all things. They are also glorious because they are a reflection of who God is. If we begin to think about all of what God has made and all of who He is it can overwhelm us. We cannot really comprehend His vastness, or grasp the true gloriousness of His riches.

But then we see Jesus. He came to make all of these things understandable. We can barely appreciate even a small part of God’s creation and it strains our thinking to reflect on who He is, but we can absolutely know and fully feel His love. By becoming a man, God made himself understandable to each of us by demonstrating His love and kindness. He taught that our wealth and money are not important, that all of our treasures are worthless compared to knowing Him.

Rather, God wants us to be with Him and let Him provide. We are children of the one who owns everything. True riches come through Jesus. The riches of forgiveness, the riches of love, the riches of becoming a child of God. All of our needs are met, physical and spiritual, every one of them. That is the riches of God.

What are your thoughts?