The universe. God thought of it first.

the universe god thought of it first lettering

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. – Genesis 1:1

God created everything there is. This creation is the beginning of His story about us.

The size of the earth, the immensity of the solar system, the enormity of the galaxy, the vastness of the universe. These are all part of God’s creation, and are small in comparison to His power and imagination. He created it all. And whatever other amazing things God is doing in the universe, He is still focussed on His relationship with us.

We cannot begin to grasp the infinity of space or the eternity of time, even more difficult would be to try to understand His infinite imagination and eternal sovereignty. He formed the universe, yet He uses that power to love and care for us — He is tenderly concerned about each of us. He knelt down and breathed into us life, and has been bending down and holding us ever since. The creator of all things loves us, and treasures us above everything else. This is as hard to grasp as everything else about God. So He grasps us with His love instead.

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