The world nothing. The Lord everything.

the world nothing the lord everything lettering

My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. – Psalm 73:26

Everything we know and experience is temporary, both the good and the bad will not last.

Do you have great wealth and comfort? It will not last. Are you poor and in dire need? It will not last. Are you in peak physical condition? It will not last. Are you racked with illness and near death? It will not last. Is your time taken up with care-free pleasure? It will not last. Are your days filled with constant struggle and hardship? It will not last.

Nothing will last. Eventually, no matter what else, death will take away what we have. Regardless of what we experience, acquire, or try to hold onto in this life, it will someday be gone. All those things we think are so important, our wealth and health and pleasure, will pass away. What lasts is the Lord, and his love and promises. He has given us eternal life. Out true wealth and health and pleasure are in heaven.

But even more, our needs and sorrows and pain will be gone as well. They will also be replaced by true wealth and health and pleasure. God tells us that in spite of what we have in this life, we are all equal before Him. Our sins are the same, our needs are the same, He loves us all the same. And He has prepared the same wonderful eternity for all who have come to Him. Not your wealth or need, not your health or sickness, not your pleasures or pains — but His grace through faith.

Nothing will last, except God and the portion of His kingdom He has promised us. He is everything.

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