This world is not my home

this world is not my home lettering

For here we do not have a permanent city, but we are looking for the city that is to come. – Hebrews 13:14

The things that are coming are more wonderful than we can imagine.

We live in a temporary place. One day, the world will be replaced by a new earth. Even the heavens, all of the universe, will become new. As followers of Jesus we have heaven in front of us. We will live in this new and perfect place forever.

Perhaps eternity means we will no longer experience time. Perhaps all of the universe will be ours to explore and enjoy. Perhaps God will have tasks for us to perform, or jobs for us to do. Everything about our future in heaven is just guessing, except knowing we will live in the unimaginable joy of God’s presence. Although He gives us His love and provision every day, what is in store is beyond what we can even dream.

In the present we experience both good and bad. But anytime we have troubles or struggles or feel overwhelmed, we know it is only temporary. This world is not our home. Our home is heaven, and it is amazing!

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