Those who know your name trust in you

Those who know your name trust in you

Those who know Your name trust in You, for You, O LORD, have not forsaken those who seek You. – Psalm 9:10

Either believe in God, or don’t. But if you do believe…

Then think about what believing in God means. It means you believe there is a spiritual being much greater and more powerful than any of us. If you believe this then you also have to believe that the only way we could have ever known this is if God himself had somehow revealed it to us. He wanted us to know. Why does God want us to know about Him?

He either wanted to control us and force us to recognize His dominion over us, or there is something else He has in mind. It is obvious He does not force anyone to even accept that He exists, let alone submit to Him. The other option is that He desires some kind of relationship with us. That relationship is exactly why He reveals Himself!

He wants to show His love. God isn’t trying to trick us, bewilder or confuse us. He isn’t being vague or aloof or playing hide and seek. When we understand this we begin to “know His name”—to understand who God has revealed Himself to be, a caring Father and loving savior. God doesn’t just say “I’m here, now figure it out,” He says “I’m here and I love you and want to care for you.” He doesn’t splash His name across the sky and command us to bow down. Rather, He sent His son Jesus to be one of us, so that by knowing Him we could also know our Father in heaven.

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