When God says go, go.

when god says go go lettering

In the spring, at the time when kings march out to war, David sent Joab with his servants and the whole army of Israel. They destroyed the Ammonites and besieged Rabbah, but David remained in Jerusalem. – 2 Samuel 11:1

Be where you are called to be.

At the time when kings go out to war… David stayed at home. And in doing so he fell into temptation. He slept with a married woman, which led to a series of events that brought David farther and farther from what God intended for him. He stayed, when he should have gone.

There are moment when we are unsure of God’s will, but there are many other times His desires for our life is clear. We know what we should (or should not) be doing. Yet we go our own way. In times when we should go, we stay; in times when we should stay, we go. Like David, we open ourselves up to temptation. It starts with a tiny bit of disobedience, but soon leads to all kinds of sin and pride.

When God says to do something (love others, trust Him only, abandon your pride), just follow His words. When He says to go, GO!

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