You have heard, O Lord, the desire of the humble

you have heard oh lord the desire of the humble lettering

You have heard, O Lord, the desire of the humble; You will strengthen their hearts. You will incline Your ear – Psalm 10:17

What do humble people want, what are the things they really desire? Is it fancy cars or expensive homes or the best job or fame or power or…?

This is something we can all ask ourselves: what is it we desire? Does it express a heart of humility, or are they our own cravings and selfish ambitions? Do they show an attitude of service, or are they centered on ourselves? Do we ask for things to glorify God, or things that are only for our own gain?

Humility means we see God clearly as the creator of all things. Then we place ourselves into that picture. How do we compare to Him? We may try to compare ourselves with others to build our pride and self-importance. Yet if we are honest, in the scheme of all of reality we appear to be nothing.

But humility also recognizes God’s love for us. Although we may seem tiny specks in the universe, He tells us that He knows us intimately, even down to the number of hairs on our head. The One who made everything also loves us! Instead of being “nothings” we are His blessed children.

This is the beautiful humility that comes from love. God’s grace brings us to Him, and we are filled with joy. He listens to us, He provides for us, He gives us strength. We stand humble before God’s amazing love! Not shamed or humiliated or degraded or any of the other words the world wants to call humility, but loved!

So, what is it we desire…?

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